While we were attending high school, Lianne and I lived in Vollenhove (a small town in the province of Overijssel) and we got to know each other there. I then moved to Groningen to study there. After that I went to work in the construction of the HSL (a high speed railway). Because I got more passionate about sharing my Passion, I then became a manager at the Shelter (Christian hostel in Amsterdam). Here, I was able to use both my enthusiasm and my talents. I really enjoy working in an international environment and love to accompany people in both a spiritual way and a work-related way. Besides that, it is of course a great environment to let people share in my Passion.

Now we have taken the step to go to Malaysia. Here I will also be able to fulfill a manager position while at the same time having the opportunity to express my passion. It is a huge step to make as a family, but fortunately we may know that God is always with us.


From Vollenhove I moved to Amsterdam and there I studied physiotherapy. After that I worked for several years in an institution for mentally disabled people, but eventually I decided to quit my job and give my full attention to our family. I really enjoy taking care of the children and to actually have the time to do that.

In addition, I too have a strong desire to tell others of the redemptive work of our King. And what could be cooler than people being able to read about that in the Scriptures. It seems wonderful to me to be able to contribute to that. At first I will focus on our family and the ‘household’. Should I have time and energy left for other activities, I will look what is needed on the spot. For example, I would love to be able to be meaningful for the women of the local population.

 Joa, Benjamin, Mark and Léon

Joa and Mark are enjoying the school at home, their mom being the teacher, while Leon is enjoying his swing or toys and sometimes joins Mark with his school activities (like painting, drawing, cutting paper etc). Benjamin is attending the international school and having a great time with his multi cultural class and friends and learning English really fast. For them it is an exciting adventure as well.

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