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Supporting us? Why? For what? When? How Long?

In Malaysia I will take up the role of Language Program Coordinator, setting up and managing all the things needed so scripture will be translated as quickly and qualitatively as possible. Linguists are now taking up manager roles, which they did not come for. In a country with over 25 million people with 112 different languages spoken, there are full translations in only 5 language groups.
At this moment more then 20 language communities long for Scripture in their own language: this need made our heart move to come over and help. Help with taking care of all things that may arise, which could include initiating new translation projects, IT issues, changing government regulations, facilitating communication, team changes, so the translators can do the translating.

To make this possible, we would like to ask you to support us, first and foremost through prayer, but also financially. This task is bigger than ourselves and we cannot do it on our own. We ask to be here with your blessings and this way we will be carried by a huge amount of people helping. We, by going there, and you, by making it possible.

The best way to support is to make a donation to/through the Wycliffe organization in your own country. This way there are less bank transaction costs and maybe even tax benefits like in the Netherlands. But you can also give now through your credit card or PayPal account.

Mention the following on your form: E.deVries ID239087

Canada (and go to the bottom of the page)
England and the UK 
South Africa

Your donation is a blessing to so many in Malaysia.
Thank you so much for your support.

Joa, Benjamin, Mark and Léon

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