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The market of Tuaran

This is the market of  Tuaran, a village in Sabah, Malaysia. Here you’ll find veggies, fruit, and if you make it in time fresh fish. Ewout and Lianne used to live here for about a year and give us a guided tour.

The first thing that catches the eye is how colorful things are.
Mobile phones are everywhere…
Mark inspects the shark’s meat.


Proud salesman…

The ramadan has just ended. For muslims this is reason to celebrate, for instance with a new outfit. Combined with all the fruit this brightens up the day.

Mother and daugther volunteer for a photograph.


When I ask permission to take hers, this lady gives her best pose.

On this market, fruit is not expensive. But the unwritten rule is that one has to negotiate on the price. If a kilogram of Ranbutans costs two Ringgits (50 eurocent), the trick is to offer three Ringgits for two kilograms. This usually works. And for Lianne negotiating has become a second nature.

Lianne does her groceries.

The alternative is to bring Mark and Léon. These little men have no need for negotiating. The elder ladies just give them fruit or biscuits for free…

Do say “thank you”

Water water and Rain

Tropical Rain! So what?
Going to the market, bringing Benjamin to school…becomes a whole different experience now.
Less than 100 meters from our house the water comes ankle deep into the houses when it rains really bad. And on the YouTube you’ll see that cars that are not on high wheels, do not want to drive into a pool of water…because of probable (electrical) damage.

It is probably this bad because of the bad weather near the Phillpines.


A small photo impression of the Celebration of our Kings Birthday!

Happy New Year!

12 and a half years!

Married for two and a half years: all because of love!! - as you can see :)

Married for twelve and a half years: all because of love!! – as you can see 🙂


YES! We have been married for 12.5 years!
Party-time! So what did we do?

Our friend Adeleida, from Holland, was here visiting us and she gave us this gift and offered to take over the care for our boys! She did a great job and we enjoyed a night and 2 days off. As you can see, the hotel people knew something and surprised us!

So good to be spoiled for a while!

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