In search of bugs in the rain

"Rain or no rain, we want to look for bugs" - no luck though

“Rain or no rain, we want to look for bugs” – no luck though

In search for a deep frozen chicken at a random Supermarket, we hear a life choir singing…? Everyone stood still to listen and it was so amazing! and for us kind of unreal too. My first experience with carolling, to be honest (see picture below).
Christmas is the moment of the year that in the streets, at shopping malls and houses, people sing Christmas songs, with burning candles and dressed in beautiful clothes. And at the same time at public squares and shoppings malls a big Christmas Tree draws you in to buy buy buy.

The other thing that is different is that I have heard many people celebrated this time of year ‘quietly’, meaning that they did not do anything special. Maybe a bbq with family and/of friends. Here and there some Christmas ligths and tree, but that’s about it.
It’s more of a ‘Western’ adopted celebration…as we experience it, being here.

A small picture-impression of the turn of the year for us.

Ook beschikbaar in / Also available in: Dutch


  1. Hi Sammet, Most plugins are capable of this, but the issue lies in finding a theme that implements the presentation of the cart as a popup. So, checkout the theme resources that Dan posted.There’s , which has this popup shopping cart feature as default. also has this feature, but that lightweight plugin is designed to work with either PayPal or Google Checkout. You can’t accept payments manually.

  2. This sounds so delicious; I can't wait to try it. And I am glad I read the comments so I know what balsamic cream is! This is my first visit to your beautiful blog but it won't be my last.

  3. Det ble fiiint :)Elsker gjenbruk ♥Hvilke spray er det du bruker ?Ellers mÃ¥ jeg si meg enig med utvalget pÃ¥ Nille :)Det mÃ¥ være noen som har sans for interiør i toppen der ;)Klem klem

  4. For Y and Looby Lou: I find it helpful to journal through the week so I have all the things I want to cover written down and I can check them off as I go through the session. I found went I went with my ex I had to stay on the subject or it would get derailed. (rolleyes)

  5. Heisan Moa vennen… hvitt er vakkert,,,,, men det er nÃ¥ litt godt med litt farge ogsÃ¥ syns jeg… Kos deg masse pÃ¥ konsert i dag..Solskinnsklemmer fra meg O=)

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