We live here in the city so we have many shopping options. Like those huge big buildings full of all kinds of shops and stores called “Shopping Mall”s. And above all: it is totally airconditioned inside the WHOLE building. Something very unfamiliar to my Dutchness.
People here are mainly smaller (in all dimensions) what makes shopping for clothes a little trickier. There is though the option to visit the tailor and hand him a piece of cloth, of which you can find all sorts of colours, patterns and types, and he will make something from an example you give (physical object or even a picture).

Beside that the head scarfs are a piece of real fashion and very beautiful. Just visit the ‘head-scarf’ shop which only sells head scarfs.

Here is a small picture impression.

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In search of bugs in the rain

"Rain or no rain, we want to look for bugs" - no luck though

“Rain or no rain, we want to look for bugs” – no luck though

In search for a deep frozen chicken at a random Supermarket, we hear a life choir singing…? Everyone stood still to listen and it was so amazing! and for us kind of unreal too. My first experience with carolling, to be honest (see picture below).
Christmas is the moment of the year that in the streets, at shopping malls and houses, people sing Christmas songs, with burning candles and dressed in beautiful clothes. And at the same time at public squares and shoppings malls a big Christmas Tree draws you in to buy buy buy.

The other thing that is different is that I have heard many people celebrated this time of year ‘quietly’, meaning that they did not do anything special. Maybe a bbq with family and/of friends. Here and there some Christmas ligths and tree, but that’s about it.
It’s more of a ‘Western’ adopted celebration…as we experience it, being here.

A small picture-impression of the turn of the year for us.

100km Bike ride

The first next Saturday (28 of September) there is going to be a Fundraising Bike ride for Ewout & Lianne. 



The Ride will be made on ‘thick tires’ and will be over 100km long.

Going from Voorhout, scratching Scheveningen and The Hague to Rotterdam. From there we will continue by following the river ‘de Rotte’ to Zoetermeer and via Leiden arriving back ‘home’ at Voorhout.

We hope for good weather and of course lots of revenue for the work of Ewout and Lianne.
Click here for support:
(HomeFront Committee) 


1st FotoImpression

A couple of pictures to show you a part of our journey.

Enjoying coconut milk…mmm



Uit de zee klaar voor de buik



Het lijkt geen foto, maar het echt fruit en echt door ons genomen.


In ons flatje daalden we een aantal keren vele meters af voor onze warme maaltijd.

Down down down to dinner.


Eerste wandeling door Serusup, waar we sinds twee weken wonen en voorlopig hopen te blijven.

Our first walk in Serusup.


Zelf gemaakte Yoghurt met zelfgemaakte Cruesli, smullen.

Self-made Yoghurt with self-made cruesli.


Joa en Benjamin voeren hun zelfbedachte humoristische 'poppentheater' op.

A small theater by Joa and Benjamin


"Het is soms balanceren"...en dat groen, daar zit water onder...

There is water below the green.


File...dus even maar ergens eten. Voor ons bijzonder, voor hier soms 3-dagelijkse kost. Smaakte erg goed.

mmm, this was good


RaRa, Hoeveel Apen Zie Je? Ze kwamen vlakbij de flat. In Serusup hebben we nog geen gespot.

How many monkeys can yo find?



View on a tropical rainy day.

Overstekend wild: onderweg kwamen we als tegenligger deze bidsprinkhaan tegen.


De jongens worden vaak ge 'klikt'.




The view on a sunny day




Welkom Maleisië

We’re here!!!
We would like to give you an impression of our first days with the aid of some photos.

After all the preparations we have finally set foot on Malaysian soil. Wow!
We had a good flight and arrived here in the afternoon. We were unexpectedly welcomed by a group of 15 people; very heart-warming. We then went to an apartment with a beautiful view. Looking out from the balcony all we see is green green and more green. We even saw some monkeys!

In the past few days we’ve been all around, getting the necessary supplies, like, a water filter, phone credits, power adapters, etc.
It was also Joa’s birthday. He got buried under a ton of gifts and was visited by other kids. Afterwards we went to a sort of in-door playground.

It’s mostly hot, hot, hot here! There are also frequent tropical rains. We went for a walk this afternoon in the hot weather, leaving my umbrella at home. We were soaked before we were home… Leon loved it! Jumping in the rain pools and playing with the water.
The internet has been unreliable the last couple of days. That’s why it took a little longer to post this message. We will try to keep you updated as much as possible.
The next two weeks are filled with meeting various people from our team. The most important thing right now is deciding where we want to live: here in the city or on the outskirts, in a village. By talking with the people here we hope to get a better image of the situation so we can make a good choice.

Op weg naar Melbourne Vliegveld: 'ik heb m'n auto volgeladen...'

On our way to Melbourne Airport: packed to the roof! Thank you Tanya!!!

We hadden geen bedje voor Leon deze keer

We did not have a baby bed for Leon this trip…

Van Melbourne naar Kuala Lumpur en dan naar Kota Kinabalu

From Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur and then to Kota Kinabalu

Vier uur wachten...gelukkig zijn er schermpjes

Four hours of waiting.

Wat een bos...zou het tropisch zijn?


Helemaal blij: we zijn in Kota Kinabalu aangekomen

YEAH! we have arrived at Kota Kinabalu

Dit was onze eerste verzorgde maaltijd in Maleisie; heerlijk!

Our first meal in Malaysia: delicious!

Amsterdam heeft z'n muizen, wij onze mieren.

Amsterdam has its mice, Kota Kinabalu has its ants.

Standaard waterkoker...rond de 4 liter, kunnen we'n voorbeeld aan nemen :)

Just a water boiler…bigger then I have ever seen :).

Een van onze eerste aankopen: een waterfilter! en natuurlijk muggenspray

One of our first purchases: a water filter.

ons eerste fruit...op de markt is je gulden een daalder waard

Our first fruit purchase: market is the place to be.

Even wachten, maar dan heb je ook wat


Verjaardagsfeestje op de 13de met nieuwe vriendjes!

Party for Joa with many new friends on our second day with…

...daar hoort een ballenbak en ijsje bij.
…ice lolly and playground.

Geen emmer of wasbak, dan maar zo

Resourceful and creative, nice traits we will need: no bucket, this works too.


Tot slot: tijdens het wandelen overvallen door een kort tropisch buitje

Last but not least: we were surprised by a tropical rainshower while going for a SHORT walk :).

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