Warm and sweaty

Recording of Mathew in progress / Matteus opname aan de gang

Recording of Mathew in progress / Matteus opname aan de gang

There  you are, warm and sweaty, narrating the movie according to the Gospel of Matthew in a self-made studio. A couple of mattresses to keep out outside noise and damp the echo from inside, no air conditioning because of the noise, heat producing recording material and only after finishing the sequence of sentences the fan can be turned on again.
In a room on the top floor of our office, we have set up a self made sound studio to record the audio tracks for the movie.

It takes about 8 weeks of recording. Before that the whole script had to be finished in the Bk language and of course having auditions for the right voices. It’s a big job, but…it’s all worth it.

Interesting detail: the ‘studio’ in the village can only be used during the nightly hours, because there is a quite busy road passing it. Well, I have a lot of respect for the project team and admire them for their work in this!


We live here in the city so we have many shopping options. Like those huge big buildings full of all kinds of shops and stores called “Shopping Mall”s. And above all: it is totally airconditioned inside the WHOLE building. Something very unfamiliar to my Dutchness.
People here are mainly smaller (in all dimensions) what makes shopping for clothes a little trickier. There is though the option to visit the tailor and hand him a piece of cloth, of which you can find all sorts of colours, patterns and types, and he will make something from an example you give (physical object or even a picture).

Beside that the head scarfs are a piece of real fashion and very beautiful. Just visit the ‘head-scarf’ shop which only sells head scarfs.

Here is a small picture impression.

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Is it already new year again?

…one of our boys asks me.
Yes, here the new year is celebrated at least two times in a ‘year’.
“Will there be fireworks too?”
“Oh yeahs! You can count on it that there will be lots of fireworks.” You can leave that up to the Chinese 😉 . With dragons and lions all in one.

In search of bugs in the rain

"Rain or no rain, we want to look for bugs" - no luck though

“Rain or no rain, we want to look for bugs” – no luck though

In search for a deep frozen chicken at a random Supermarket, we hear a life choir singing…? Everyone stood still to listen and it was so amazing! and for us kind of unreal too. My first experience with carolling, to be honest (see picture below).
Christmas is the moment of the year that in the streets, at shopping malls and houses, people sing Christmas songs, with burning candles and dressed in beautiful clothes. And at the same time at public squares and shoppings malls a big Christmas Tree draws you in to buy buy buy.

The other thing that is different is that I have heard many people celebrated this time of year ‘quietly’, meaning that they did not do anything special. Maybe a bbq with family and/of friends. Here and there some Christmas ligths and tree, but that’s about it.
It’s more of a ‘Western’ adopted celebration…as we experience it, being here.

A small picture-impression of the turn of the year for us.

from King Arthur to StormTrooper

The big day to dress up has come for the whole International School that Benjamin goes to.
Book Week, figures from all times and places came to life today and even “Snelle Jelle” was there in his Red Soccer wear this time.

Sorry, comments on the pictures are in Dutch…

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